Oracle 10g RAC on Linux


The training for 10g RAC is emulated for a real time production environment. This training is designed for existing DBAs who are working on standalone databases .On Day 1 we see an emulated production environment where we have users hitting an application server which is connected to a stand alone database.


The training will give you an opportunity for preparing a new environment from scratch, to build a new RAC environment, migrating the standalone DB to RAC environment and maintaining RAC in production environment like patching and cloning . At each step of the training you will be learning new features and capabilities of Oracle 10g RAC.


The training ends with a new environment migrated to a RAC environment showing the capability of high availability and load balancing while learning troubleshooting skills and maintenance of the RAC env.The infrastructure at the facility provides every learner with Two
Physical Nodes so that a realtime RAC environment can be experienced.


Day 1
1. RAC Fundamentals and Components
2. Linux Operating System Basics
3. Prepaing RHEL 5 Linux OS
4. Installing Packages & Setting up Environment
5. Setting Up Kernel Parameter for Oracle
6. Setting Up Shared Storage (iscsi Demo and overview)
7. Understanding ASM, OCFS and Raw Devices
8. Practical Exercise
Day 2
1. Configuring ASM, OCFS Demo
2. Installing Oracle10g Clusterware
3. Installaing Oracle ASM
4. Installing Oracle10g Database
5. Installing Companion
6. Creating RAC Database using DBCA
7. Demo and Lab Exercise
8. Basic RAC administration
Day 3
1. Understanding Patching process in Oracle RAC
2. Applying Patch set for DB Upgrade (
3. Applying CPU Patch in RAC
4. Migrating Standalone Database to RAC database
5. Patching with minumum downtime
6. Rolling Patch in RAC
7. Configuring and Managing Services
8. Demo and Lab Exercise
Day 4
1. Advanced RAC administration
2. OCR and Voting Disk Administration
3. Troubleshooting Common issue in RAC
4. Triage issues looking in log files
5. Transparent Applicatioin Failover(TAF)
6. Database Cloning in RAC
7. Changing IPs in RAC
8. Demo and Lab Exercise